What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay?

Mary Kay Ash was not an ordinary entrepreneur she established her business with a golden rule. In this post, we will ponder the question What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay?

Amidst male dominance, she established herself as a leader in the cosmetics industry during the 1960s by introducing an unusual concept; empower women.

It was not just about selling lipstick for her but creating and sustaining a community that is founded on respect, encouragement, and timeless principles in golden rules.

What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay?

What is Mary Kay’s Golden Rule?

You may be wondering What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay? Let’s take a look. At the core of these values lies the Golden Rule: The way you want others to do you treat them too.

This is a simple yet strong principle that permeates everything that happens in Mary Kay‘s business model. In this regard:

Customer Focus: They are hardly salespersons but rather beauty consultants. They will spend time understanding their customers’ needs and recommend appropriate products. This kind of concern creates lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Teamwork and Collaboration: When other colleagues come together with them, there is support through mentorship at Mary Kay. Experienced consultants are also encouraged to share their knowledge with new members so that all can thrive together.

Recognition and Appreciation: There are also ceremonies where achievements are celebrated because this company appreciates success. Positive attitudes are built here as a result of this recognition of achievements made by consultants.

Ethical Business Practices: When sourcing ingredients or dealing with suppliers among other activities, Mary Kay always ensures they act on strict ethical standards in everything they do.

The Core of the Golden Rule

Mary Kay Ash was not your everyday entrepreneur; defying expectations she transformed the cosmetic industry during the sixties from just selling make-up beyond her wildest dreams.

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Her vision constituted empowering women who were helping each other stay connected through respect, honesty, and positive communication which constituted her guiding philosophy for life along with tons of love for others- basically treating them the same way she wanted to be treated.


Mary Kay believes treating everyone with dignity and fairness is its core philosophy. This includes how consultants treat their customers as well as their relations among themselves.

In building trust and respect between them, consultants are required to actively listen to what clients need and provide recommendations based on that information.


The world of Mary Kay revolves around honesty and transparency. Therefore consultants have an obligation to represent the brand with integrity by providing accurate information about products and running their businesses ethically.

This has earned customers’ trust in addition to creating a safe environment for the entire consultant community.

Positive Communication:

Mary Kay appreciates that clear positive communication is more effective than any form of coercion. Consultants are taught how to communicate effectively so as to give their clients a good experience.

It involves active listening, asking open-ended questions, and giving precise details about products that they sell through careful product descriptions. Team interactions also involve positive communication where encouragement and support are necessary for a strong successful network.

How Does The Golden Rule Apply in Business?

What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay? It’s the simple yet profound principle of treating people the way you yourself would like to be treated. This underpinning ethos of the Mary Kay business model ensures that everyone who interacts with its system has a positive and rewarding experience. Here’s a look:

  • Customer Focus: Mary Kay consultants are more than just salespersons; they are trustworthy beauty consultants. They take time to comprehend their customer’s needs, desires, and skin types before recommending them products.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: The core values at Mary Kay foster collaboration and mentorship. Experienced consultants usually known as Directors will often share their expertise with those who have joined recently in order to support them throughout their journey.
  • Positive Work Environment: The Golden Rule creates an atmosphere for productive work because it encourages positivity in the workplace. Consultants working for Mary Kay are appreciated for the hard work they put into achieving the targets set by the company.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Respecting individuals goes beyond how customers and consultants are treated. For instance, the company maintains strict ethical guidelines throughout its business activities.
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Benefits of Embracing the Golden Rule at Mary Kay

Well, we have seen above that the Golden Rule is not just a guiding principle at Mary Kay; it is what keeps this company moving forward.

However, treating others with respect, integrity, and kindness has positive effects beyond our organization’s boundaries. Here are some of the reasons why embracing the Golden Rule creates good things elsewhere:

Stronger Client Relationships
Empowered and Motivated Consultants
Positive Work Culture
  • Stronger Client Relationships: Trust and loyalty are built by Mary Kay consultants through prioritizing customer needs and offering personal service. This leads to repeat sales as well as referrals because clients feel appreciated and respected.
  • Empowered and Motivated Consultants: It is underpinned by this very concept of ‘The Golden Rule’ that gives birth to group consciousness where people feel needed or like they belong somewhere else besides their own places of residence. By helping new members find their feet while providing old hands with motivation, such a scheme makes them work together as one unit thus pushing for success in each field.
  • Positive Work Culture: A culture of appreciation where communication is respectful results in a positive work environment that motivates employees to work even harder for better performance at the workplace. They achieve more productivity since they feel valued and supported by this company hence increased job satisfaction.


In summary, The answer to the question What Is The Golden Rule Of Mary Kay? is just one sentence. Mary Kay Ash had a vision of constructing a Blue-Green Atlantis-type company which she has used to build her very successful business model.

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By treating everyone with respect, fostering genuine connections, and giving back to the community, Mary Kay has not only thrived in the competitive beauty industry but also created a lasting legacy.

The Golden Rule is evergreen and can be applied to any context we live in. We can create a more positive and supportive world by being kind and compassionate both personally and professionally.

It is true that you should relate with people based on this law. So just next time you are dealing with someone, think about it for one moment. In this way, little acts of kindness have exponential consequences: they create a better world – one relationship at a time.

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